An Overview of Space Stallion (Stakelogic)

The folks at Stakelogic have been really active as of late. This is the fourth spaceship we’ve encountered in the past two weeks, and it’s called Space Stallion. There have been a wide variety of themes, from the natural world to oil drilling to the holidays to the imaginatively named future space slot, Space Stallion. Read the official documentation from the developer and the description is so powerfully absurd you can’t not but go along with. Take the following example: “Get your quantum-gun out of your saddlebags and head to the Reels Solar System to track down the fantastic Space Stallion!” Brilliant. We now have expectations so high for the rest of the game that it has to be so horrible that it’s good.

As soon as the game loads, things look promising. Space Stallion is a good looking slot, with a dreamy cartoon style to it. It’s strange how you may go an entire week without encountering a futuristic Wild West-themed slot machine, and suddenly two pop up. Both this and Big Bounty Bill are visually appealing, albeit in very different ways. Space Stallion’s 5×3 grid is transparent, showing more of the futuristic, rundown frontier town behind the symbols. The 30 fixed paylines, total wager (30 p/c to $/€30 or $/€60 depending on the casino), and spin buttons are listed along the bottom of the screen. Decide on a stake and prepare to take up the life of a ‘gun-wielding outlaw on other planets.’ I’m sorry I couldn’t hold back any longer from the amazing game description.

When you bring up the paytable, you’ll see a neon feast of low pay 10–Ace card royals. These are being replaced by four improved visual symbols consistent with the theme. First up is the sidekick, then a tough space cowboy, a tough space cowgirl, and finally the show’s main attraction, the pace horse. The return for a full house of stallions is a decent 20 times the wager, but the payout for any other combination is much lower. The cowgirl is only worth 6 times the stake, making her the second most valuable item. However, despite its medium-to-high volatility and 96.11% RTP, Space Stallion is not a particularly hostile experience. There’s a very decent grand prize hiding in the shadows. It’s time to load that ‘quantum-gun’ and figure out where to obtain one, whatever that is.

Features of Space Stallion (Stakelogic)

The Stallion icon can show up as a regular 1×1 tile or as a larger 2×2 tile. This helps integrate it in play more and also incorporate the features. The 2×2 variant becomes the 2×2 Jumbo Wild to increase the number of payouts when it arrives on a position where a wild symbol is visible. Both sorts of wild symbols can substitute for any other symbol in the game save the scatter.

The scatter sign is a blazing starship visible over the horizon of a planet. If three of them appear, you’ll trigger the Free Spins Bonus Game and be given 8 free games to play. With two important exceptions, free spins follow the same rules as the main game. Once the 2×2 Jumbo Wild lands, it transforms into a Traveling Wild. With each every spin, it drops one spot closer to oblivion until it finally disappears. The second outlier is even better. With each victory during the free spins round, the progressive multiplier will rise by 1. Finally, free spins will continue with a Traveling Wild in view even if they have technically ended.

Finally, the Wild West (or Stakelogic) wouldn’t be the same without some sort of gambling option. Bets are doubled or quadrupled if the player correctly guesses the color or suit of a hidden card. As long as the player keeps making the right choices, the gamble round will keep going up to whatever maximum the casino has set.

verdict on space stallions (using stakelogic)

If you can get past the fact that Space Stallion sounds like the title of a cartoon for young girls and the wacky game blurb, it’s actually not a bad slot machine. The graphics are above par, and the game’s fantasy setting makes for a pleasant diversion. They are vivid, bizarre, and colorful, and they carry the action beautifully on the see-through reels. Create an extremely playable slot by combining a fair value symbol set with some unique added features. It outshines its immediate opponent at the present which is Big Bounty Bill, and mix in a healthy potential, and the results will appeal to a wide variety of gamers.

As we’ve already noted, Strikelogic have been really prolific as of late, and each of their new slots is completely unique in terms of design, theme, and gameplay. This is a team that always keeps you on your toes since you never know what they’re going to do next. In terms of payment potential, however, they have been quite stable. To the delight of players, Space Stallion continues this trend by offering payouts of up to 7,200 times the initial wager.

Space Stallion, in comparison to the other Stakelogic slots we’ve tested recently, is a return to the company’s wackier, more unorthodox roots. Play some football in the arena? Turn off your brain and let the game take care of you. Certainly not for the faint of heart, but a fun slot with potential payoffs nonetheless.






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