Which Toilet Repair Should I Choose?

The price of Toilet Repair kits can really begin to add up if you do not have a strategy for what you buy. If you have a basic understanding of how most toilets work, you can probably figure out what you need without too much trouble. This article is designed to make the process of buying Toilet Repair kits as easy as possible. Here is what you may expect to find inside the more common basic toilet repair kits.

Universal. A universal kit offers almost everything you need to fix a malfunctioning or leaky standard toilet, which includes the correct fill valve, flapper, overflow tube, and most of the hardware that goes with it. These replacement parts come in various common materials like stainless steel, chrome, plastic, brass, nickel, and several others. There are many companies that offer complete toilet repair kits at discount prices so be sure to shop around for a better deal.

Plumber’s Special. If you feel like your toilet repair needs to go a little more extensive than just a simple patch job, contact a plumber to save you some money. Some common repairs include the replacement of a clog or slow flushing system, repairing a toilet bowl that has been clogged by left over food or urine, repairing an older model that no longer fits into the hole in the bowl, and many others. A good plumber will usually be able to perform all of these repairs without needing to buy additional supplies from the store. Be sure to check his reputation before you hire a plumber to do any repairs for you.

Toilet Repair Basic Kits. Basic toilet repair kits include the basics that you need in order to make small repairs to your toilet. A very common issue with toilets is that the waste and urine don’t flow through the bowl until it reaches the overflow hole that’s located under the tank. Toilet repair kits include everything you’ll need to make this repair.

Toilet Repair Kits Expensive Kit. Unfortunately, not all toilet repair kits are created equal. Most people spend a lot of money on high quality materials when they’re only doing simple repairs to their toilets. Toilet repair kits that include specialized materials can be extremely helpful, but you usually end up paying a lot more than you should. In most cases, basic kits that include the tools you need for a simple fix cost less than $75.

Toilet Repair and Flush Handle Expensive Kit. If you have a particularly nasty leak that’s causing a lot of inconveniences, you may want to consider a toilet repair and flush handle kit. These items are sold separately from the tank of the toilet and contain specialized materials that allow you to easily repair leaks in your toilet bowl. Toilet repair kits that include a flush handle and special material to fix leaks in the tank can run you more than $300, so it’s definitely an investment you shouldn’t ignore.