What Road Assistance Features Do You Need?

Road Assistance and breakdown cover services which help cyclists, or motorists, whose vehicles have had a breakdown, leave the roadway. These services may be optional or compulsory according to the state. When choosing Road Assistance cover, it is vital for the customer to do their homework and research the various companies offering this service in their area. Some Road Assistance companies will only offer Road Assistance services when a vehicle owner has taken out full insurance cover; others offer all-weather Road Assistance, 24-hour Road Assistance service and even roadside assistance with car repairs. Some companies, who offer comprehensive Road Assistance services, may include breakdown cover within their Road Assistance package.

Road assistance is a service that enables motorists to stay operational and mobile while traveling, either in their own vehicle or in a motorised vehicle of any sort. The primary advantages of Road Assistance cover are cost saving, convenience and emergency assistance during and after a breakdown. Road Assistance provides assistance when a vehicle is unable to move due to a breakdown, whilst on the road or off the road depending on the provider. There are some providers who provide their clients with a courtesy call with instructions on how to locate an alternate route.

Road Assist services are designed to cater for the needs of both drivers and passengers. Most Road Assistance providers have online booking systems where a client can make their booking online in the comfort of their own home. Online booking systems are also commonly used by customers who require fast vehicle repairs at their local dealership or service centre. Once a vehicle is broken down, Road Assistance companies send a trained, fully trained professional to the scene. Most Road Assistance organisations provide a full range of roadside emergency assistance services, which include vehicle repairs, recovery of a vehicle if necessary, recovery of passengers and immediate help at the scene of the breakdown.

Road Assistance companies also provide services such as emergency tow assistance where a member of the public is unable to drive and is forced to seek help from Road Assistance organisations. If a vehicle breaks down in a remote area, Road Assistance centres will also dispatch a vehicle to that location. Depending on the level of Road Assistance you choose to choose from, most services will cover the cost of tow assistance up to a particular amount for the duration of the breakdown. Towing services are often provided free of charge with some providers.

If a breakdown does not occur while you are abroad, Road Assist services offer emergency roadside assistance services where a crisis roadside assistance centre is called out. This is usually a specialist road assistance company that specializes in vehicle breakdown and emergency roadside assistance. A Road Assistance centre will assess the situation and decide what your needs are before arranging road vehicle repairs or even offering a temporary roadside assistance rental service. This may be an added benefit for people with special needs, families with children or elderly people who may not be able to drive themselves to a specialist centre. The Road Assistance agency is trained to meet the most basic and specialised needs of its clients.

When choosing Road Aid assistance, it is important to consider what is covered and what is not covered by the Road Assistance policy. Road Assist policies can vary from provider to provider, so it is worth asking questions and reading the small print of any Road Assistance policy before taking out Road Assistance cover. There is Road Assistance insurance cover for many aspects of the breakdown process, but Road Assist insurance does not cover vehicle repairs costs or any out of hours vehicle repairs that are required by the client due to an accident or breakdown. Road Assistance policies do cover maintenance costs for your car and are a legal requirement if you want to claim on your Road Insurance. In addition Road Aid policies can provide you with a temporary storage facility at no extra cost for up to 7 days after an accident or breakdown.