Kosher Private Chef

As a Kosher Private Chef you’ll be working with the highest caliber of service, food and wine that is of the highest standards. You will be serving as a chef and event planner for weddings, parties and dinners for individuals as well as corporate gatherings.

Kosher Private Chef Miami is a highly qualified professional chef who is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We are a top-rated private chef business, specializing in all levels of at home, personal party catering, family event catering, concierge catering & private party. Our primary focus is to provide world-class culinary expertise to our clients and to our own families with the highest level of excellence and service while being a leader in our industry.

As a Kosher Private Chef, you’ll work with professionals who specialize in the finest in gourmet cuisine from the best restaurants throughout the world. Our team of professional chefs will not only help you with your food preparation, but they will also provide the most innovative menu options, as well as menu development services, such as consultation and analysis. We will create a unique and personalized menu plan for you, with all the necessary ingredients and cooking methods to give you the best results.

Kosher Private Chef Miami offers you an extraordinary selection of both formal and casual dining locations for you to choose from. From elegant five-star restaurants to casual cafes and bistros we will provide the exact service for each and every occasion. From private event planning to corporate events, Kosher Private Chef Miami provides a world-class restaurant and catering experience for your special events, as well as private functions and corporate events, large or small. From small intimate family gatherings to large public events, Kosher Private Chef Miami has a comprehensive portfolio of restaurant and catering services to fit any budget.

As a Kosher Private Chef in Miami, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with a complete foodservice program to complement their specific needs and tastes. We provide our clients with a wide variety of menu choices, so whatever your needs or taste maybe, we can help you create the perfect menu and food delivery package to meet your needs. Whether you are planning a special dinner for a wedding, corporate event, retirement party or another special occasion, Kosher Private Chef Miami will provide you with a customized menu to meet your personal tastes, from small to large and everything in between.

As a Kosher Private Chef, you will have the ability to offer your guests quality service, exceptional cuisine and an atmosphere that is relaxing, comfortable, and luxurious. We are proud to serve a wide range of different menus for a variety of occasions, including fine dining for corporate events, weddings, graduation parties and birthday parties, corporate luncheons, and more. We pride ourselves on our ability to make each of our clients feel like a VIP and feel at home while making their special event a success. So, whether you are looking for the ultimate in comfort, a truly unique culinary experience, the finest quality of food and service, or a perfect combination of creativity, Kosher Private Chef Miami will ensure that you have all of the attention, service, and food to make your special event a success.